7 Reasons Why We Love Lofts

33560962 - young woman looking in window in loft apartment. rear view

7 Reasons Why We Love Lofts


  • Wide Open Spaces– lofts tend to have open floor plans and taller ceilings so while the foot print might be the size of other more traditional condos, lofts often feel larger and more open.


  • More Natural Light– many lofts are old industrial buildings that have oversized windows which are great for pouring light into all corners of the home


  • Exposed Elements– who doesn’t love old heavy timber beams or massive concrete columns. From exposed ducts to old manufacturing doors or brick archways, lofts often have features not found anywhere else


  • Pet Friendly– you probably wont have to get rid of Fido! Many condo associations have strict limits on pet policies. Lofts tend to be more relaxed on the subject. While many loft buildings have pet policies we don’t know of any that do not allow pets


  • Great Neighbors– We find that lofts buyers to be a lot of fun to work with! That makes for a great neighbor. We constantly hear of long lasting friendships formed with lofty neighbors


  • None Cookie Cutters– Lofts come in all shapes and sizes and can be extremely unique. If you’re tired of living in traditional apartments or condos then take a break from the ordinary and go lofty!


  • A great space to come home to – After a long days work it’s great to come home to an open and inviting space. Whether it’s the warm feeling exposed timbers bring or the bright natural light, there’s a unique feeling that only lofts can bring