A LOFT Stereotype or A LOFT Sanctuary

3180594 - bedroom in gray style with big bed

Here at Chicago Lofts we see all sorts of styles and when you think of lofts most individuals’ minds drift instantly to an industrial loft or what we think of as a stereotype. However often times when furnishing and thinking about ones’ loft they like to add a touch of their style and make it a place they feel best in. We like to think of your space as a sanctuary and not just a place you managed to fit in with. That is why we thought we’d supply you with some not so popular design ideas for your next loft purchase.

The Ultra Cozy Loft

Items to consider to accomplish this vibe and style… think plush. Most loft spaces look great with an area rug and in most cases, you are trying to cover a large open area and divide it up to make it look like you have some sort of room separation. With this in mind we like the idea of an ultra-plush or ultra-cozy rug. Another feature that helps accomplish this look is bedding, we tend to see very neutral bedding pallets but with this style we like to think down beds and soft textured pillows and lots of them. Other items to consider is over stuffed couches, throw blankets, or even the new trend of poufs. Dare to be different!

The Luxury Loft

Some lofts especially those that are placed within the luxury markets may benefit from fitting into an area that lofts tend to not fit in by themselves this is especially true when listing in specific markets. We like to think of luxury loft living as Glass on Glass on Glass. This may mean glass surfaced tables, in a home that looks crisp and pristine. We often see this paired with marble and metals (but not your rustic/industrial metals) Think polished with clean lines to pull off this look. Also, simple clean art comes to mind with this look and as you can assume any loft space could benefit from larger pieces of art as they usually boast tall ceilings and open spaces.

The Rustic Loft

I like to think this rustic style came about due to the ever so popular Chip and Jo. With this we think of Shiplap as your art, adding onto the already textured walls that you see in a loft space. We also like the idea of mixed metals that are weathered. Personally, I think a unique cow hide rug could really seal the deal on any rustic loft abode.

So here you have 3 unique styles that may not have come to mind when you purchased your loft. As always if you want help listing or buying your next dream loft feel free to reach out to our team. We’d be happy to help you with the sanctuary and not just a stereotype.