Chicago Public Safety Officer Loft and Condo Homebuyer Assistance Program

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The Public Safety Officer Homebuyer Assistance Program for loft and condo purchasers provides funds to three groups of first responders, namely Chicago police officers, firefighters, and paramedics to purchase properties in targeted Chicago neighborhoods to enhance revitalization efforts. This program builds off the success of the previous Public Safety Officer Program, with a renewed focus on encouraging first responders to live in the communities they serve thereby promoting neighborhood improvement through increased condo and loft sales.



Eligible participants must be City of Chicago non-probationary, full time, sworn first responders, in good-standing.



Total gross household income cannot exceed 150% area median income or AMI (See chart below).



Eligible first responders will be awarded a $30,000, 10-year, no interest, forgivable loan to purchase a loft or condo as their primary residence in the City of Chicago. One forgivable loan is available per household and may be used for any customary closing costs for the purchase, including down-payment and mortgage loan principal reduction. Applications will be approved on a first come first serve basis until loan funds are exhausted.



The first responder must occupy the loft or condo as a primary residence for 10 years. A primary residence is a home occupied primarily for residential purposes and does not include a home used as an investment property, as a recreational home or a home in which 15 percent or more of its total area is used for a trade or business.



  • Loft or Condo must be located in a City of Chicago census tract within-the targeted area (see census tracts list).
  • A complete application with supporting documentation including a lender pre-approval will be required for reservation of
  • The applicant must be one of the borrowers on the first mortgage loan and must live in the acquired home as his or her primary residence for 10 years after
  • A lien on the home will be recorded with Cook County Recorder of Deeds after
  • Owner-occupancy certification will be monitored annually by DPD’s Compliance
  • Maximum gross household income: 150%



150% AMI


Effective April 14,2017 until superseded

Household Size Maximum Household Income
1 person $82,950
2 persons $94,800
3 persons $106,650
4 persons $118,500
5 persons $128,100
6 persons $137,550